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New to our floor in 2019 is a small Amish furniture maker from Ohio, making occassional tables using cedar stumps and live edge walnut tops!

Before our Independence, before electricity, before the manufacturing assembly line; there were Colonial men, mountain dwellers, rugged individuals cutting timber and handcrafting their own quality furniture.

There was no such thing as a defect because each piece was unique from the logs and wood they used. An aged knot in a board of Walnut was seen as properly placed in a table, rather than an error that slipped through during assembly.

We see Green Mountain Furniture as a unique, one of a kind stop for furniture & home accessories. Many furniture products nowadays are generic and available from multiple retailers. While we have the new & modern offerings from our vendors that other stores do carry, we also offer the authentic, olden-day sturdiness of handcrafted wooden furniture. Each piece is handmade, with non-processed hardwoods that are unique only to that piece. All furniture is stained & finished for a smooth, exquisite feel with the look and substance of a rugged natural handcraft. From bedroom sets, to dining and occasional living, we carry companies that have a variety of options for what we’ve come to call Cabin & Lodge furniture.

This mantra of furniture craft is one that really has to be seen & felt to truly understand. The patina of these weathered hardwoods is incomparable to any modern sheen. Do not be fooled by the sounds of aged or weathered woods; these pieces are solid and more durable than any veneer or assembly-line pieces. Look through the pictures along with the descriptions below to catch a preview of what is so hard to describe.

About the Products we Carry:

This page is aimed at providing a look at some the furniture pieces one would consider fitting of the Rustic/Cabin/Lodge/Woodsy/Natural theme. Animal Prints, Live Edge Woods, Earth Tones- these pieces all carry of a certain character between a refined natural appeal and a rugged outdoorsy quality. Upholstery pieces are available to order in other patterns and prints to fit your theme. Amish pieces can be ordered to be made with different woods with different stains. There may be other pieces in our store that would fit your cabin or lake house, but we felt these were some of the most typical to what one would expect. 

Reclaimed Barn Board

Also known as Antique Barn Wood Siding, aged and weathered boards salvaged from dismantled barns are finished and used to create durable one-of-a-kind furniture. All wood is hand selected from old barns for the highest quality pieces. Each piece has unique character from old peg and nail holes, knots, or worm tracks. After careful sanding and staining, the most natural of aged patinas is exposed under a protective seal. This wood has withstood the elements for years as rustic barns, and have years of durability left after the barns were carefully deconstructed for the materials.

A family owned manufacturer based in Wisconsin, Marshfield builds quality upholstery & select hardwood products specific to customer order. Hardwoods are used to build frames for upholstery products, while hardwood logs comprise some of their occasional case good pieces. They have many mountain and woodland fabrics to give a rustic feel to any home. Much of the values they incorporate into their upholstery manufacturing represent the lifestyles of old through hand-made quality. Their pieces are really designed to complement the Cabin & Lodge theme offered by other companies we carry.

Furniture for a Lifetime! Here you can find everything you are looking for to make your house look casually elegant & striking. We have an extensive variety of furniture styles for every taste! We carry bedroom furniture, consoles, occasional tables, dining, desks, chairs, bistro tables (top & bases), and so much more. Made out of solid wood just over the border in Mexico, these pieces are unique in their colorings, accents, and design. 

Quad M Rustic
(no website)

Quad M Rustic is a small Amish furniture maker in Ohio that utilizes Cedar Stumps and Live Edge Walnut to make Occasional Tables & Pub Tables. Each piece and dimensions vary based on the live edge shape, and the cedar stump beneath it. They also have Reclaimed Fence Rail from the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia that they couple with live edge Wormy Maple Tops for unique pieces with a historic character. 

Green Gables is a family-owned company in Illinois building rustic country furniture by hand on workbenches out of reclaimed barn boards. They offer bedroom, dining, home office, occasional living pieces, & even bathroom vanities.

Brage (no website)

Made by the Pennsylvania Amish; Brage hand builds bedroom & living room collections in a variety of woods- Cherry, Hickory, Oak & Walnut. The design mimics a mountain retreat but with durable style. Their pieces are built to order, and are elegantly designed to make you feel like you’re out in a sophisticated wilderness.

Built out in Colorado, Rustic Log Furniture is a small group of craftsmen whose work has been sold internationally. Using Aspen wood, they hand select only dead standing wood for quality and environmental conscientiousness. More obscure details of the furniture are made with a Northern White Pine or select hardwoods. Every piece is made with attention given to grain pattern, special markings, and joint fittings to create truly spectacular furniture.They also offer a collection of furniture built with hickory wood that still have the bark on the wood. 

Mt. Eaton Tables (no website)

Named for its location in Mt. Eaton, Ohio, this is a small Amish furniture maker that utilizes components from real whiskey barrel, along with Hickory & Quartersawn Oak woods and real leather pad seating to create beautiful “Bar-Room” style furniture and occassional tables. Unaltered Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels from the distillery can be used as focal point in their pub tables. These are unique pieces that add a beautiful rustic look to a man-cave or lodge home. 

 **All photos are of our actual showroom. Upholstery and Leather pieces may be ordered in different fabric textures and colors. Case goods may come in a different finish. The Amish allow you to choose your wood and finish.  There may be additional pieces available in a collection that we do not have shown on the floor.  While we try to keep every page updated with photos of what is currently on our floor, it is possible a piece has been sold off the floor and has not yet been removed from the site. Popular items may also not be removed from the site as we are simply awaiting another order to come in for the floor.  If there is a piece you like, take note of the caption information, give us a call at 603-539-2236 to ask for sales, and they will let you know if that piece is still available to try out on our floor!

Various Other Companies

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