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Let the mind unwind! The den or living room is the prime place of comfort and relaxation for so many Americans young and old. A loving couple rocks back in a pair of matching easy chairs for the evening news; a family sets up their favorite board game; siblings saddle up on the couch with popcorn & a movie; maybe Dad just needs a nap — the living room often gets a lot of use and the furniture needs to carry its weight. Come see our vast selection of Recliners, Canadian Gliders, and Rockers.

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About the Products we Carry:

Every company has their own handle of fabrics to choose from. With leathers, some sets have a 2-3-4 choices, others have more. Fabrics designed for motion sets have passed the industry standard “double-rub” durability test to meet or exceed the standard amount. Some recliners you see may also come as a rocking recliner, or a swivel rocking recliner, or as swivel glider recliner. Not all pieces have these options, but some do, so if you see a recliner you like but are looking for a swivel rocking recliner version, give us a call and ask!

Some motion pieces may have the option to come as a Power Recliner, and additionally may have independent Power Headrests, and independent Power Lumbar as an available feature.  The lumbar of course bodes well for those with lower back problems, or those looking to be conscientious about their posture when relaxing. 

The power headrests have become a recently popular feature in the industry, to ease eyestrain and replace that loose pillow thrown behind our heads when reclined and trying to watch TV. The power headrest lets you prop your head up where you want it, without having to constantly adjust anything. 

Wireless power packs are available for purchase as well- if your layout will be in the middle of the room and don’t have floor outlets, or in case of a power outage, the pack will allow for around 150 cycles on a charge, and around 60 cycles for a lift recliner. 

Canadian Gliders may come with or without a matching ottoman. Certain styles also have different wood finishes available. Different textures of fabrics and colors are available to order from. 

Products Carried:

(Available in Fabric or Leather)


  • Wallsaver

  • Wallhugger

  • Wing Recliner

  • Hi-Leg recliner

  • Low Leg recliner

  • Rocker Recliner

  • Glider Recliner

  • Swivel Recliner

  • Swivel Rocker Recliner

  • Swivel Glider Recliner

  • Lift Recliner

  • Power Recliner

  • Power Headrest

  • Power Lumbar

  • Reclining Sofa

  • Reclining Loveseat

  • Canadian Gliders

  • Rocking Chair

  • Amish Rockers & Gliders

  • Sectionals

All Photos Are Of Our Actual Showroom. Different Pieces May Be Ordered With Different Fabrics, Or Possibly Different Features.  It Is Possible A Piece Has Been Sold, Or Is Waiting To Come Back In To Our Floor.  If You See A Piece You Like, Just Give Us A Call At 603-539-2236 To See If It Is Still Available!

Key: 07-18, 12-18, 03-19 = “Month-Year” Photo Taken
*L/V = Leather/Vinyl (leather where you touch & sit, vinyl where you don’t [like on the sides and backs])
*L/P = Leather/Poly (Same as above, but with a polyurethane instead of vinyl)
*Weight Limits on Power Pieces are Per Motor, not for Entire Piece.

Recliner / Swivel / Glider / Rocker Chairs (Leather & Fabric)

Canadian Gliders (w/ or w/o matching ottomans)

Leather Sets​ (sold as individual pieces)

Fabric Sets​ (sold as individual pieces)

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