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Ever hear of a rug room? At Green Mountain Furniture, we’ve got a couple. We have over 900 rugs on display!

Area rugs and runners line racks on the walls and floor of our showroom. Sizes range big to small, 9’x12′ or 2’x3′, and so much in between. Custom sizes are also available for order for almost every room in your home.

We have oriental rugs and braided rugs, cotton-braided or wool-braided, too. Rugs come square, rectangle, oval, or round. We have rugs to add a look of sophistication and elegance to your formal room, accent the hardwood floors in your lakeside cottage, or add a feel of comfort to your wooded cabin.

It’s amazing what a runner can do for a bare hallway or braided stair treads for a flight of stairs. We invite you to come in, talk to our staff, see all the possibilities we have to offer.

Going on hardwood or tile flooring? Always use a rug grip underneath to prevent scratching and slippage. To prevent stains, blot spills, and don’t use a power nozzle or “beater brush” on braided rugs/ Floor Lamps, Desk Lamps, Table Lamps, oh my. Our lights are on! Every showcase has lamps on display, and the couple hundred that couldn’t fit we have all together in one room. The ambient glow from a lamp can really transform a room. Illuminate your life with lamps from one of the several companies we carry. 

Our gallery has a photo of nearly every lamp we carry, but not all. Lamps are constantly coming and going. This gallery is designed to give you a feel for the style variety we often, it does not reflect an accurate current inventory the way our other galleries do. We have a lot of rug styles and sizes constantly coming and going as well. Our gallery of rug photos is only a tiny sample of what we carry- updates will be coming to this page with a more in depth showing of our rug inventory. 

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