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Several of our mattresses from our private collection can come with a 100-night sleep guarantee when you purchase a mattress protector. This is a deal we have worked out with the local manufacturer who produces our private line of mattresses. You get 100 nights to sleep on your new mattress, and are allowed a one-time comfort exchange within that time if you come to find after a couple months you just aren’t comfortable on it.

We carry three different companies when it comes to mattresses. Our private collection manufactured here in New England, as well as Pure Talalay (Latex) Bliss from Connecticut, who manufacture smooth top mattresses made entirely of pure talalay latex. Our third but by no means last company that we carry is Aireloom headquartered in California. Aireloom mattresses are handmade on the east coast in Pennsylvania. There is an impressive list of celebrities who have an Aireloom mattress in their home, but this is not the reason why to buy one of their mattresses. The production process, materials used, and double patented design result in arguably the most comfortable mattresses today. There are over 30 mattresses to try out on floor, all are of a quality that Green Mountain Furniture confidently stands behind- we do not sell a low quality product. The only real difference between them is how they feel to you- just come on in to give them a test drive.

In addition to mattress protectors from Bedgear, a performance-sleep product company on the cutting edge of bedding technology (yes, that is an actual thing)- we carry multiple lines of their pillows.

  • Studies show 20% of comfort in bed comes from having an adequate pillow.

  • 30% of spine alignment comes from your pillow.

  • Fact, there is an additional 20 lbs of pressure being applied to your body for every 1/2 inch that your head is not directly over your shoulders.

Bedgear makes pillows for side, stomach, and back sleepers, as well as different body types. Cooling technology in pillows disperses heat throughout the pillow surface, keeping cool longer, and cooling back down quicker. Enhancing the quality of your sleep is largely influenced by body temperature, properly regulated through cooling materials and weaving fibers that allow adequate airflow. We trust the people who study these things closely, and are finding it’s well worth the extra investment for that 6-8 hours a night you’ll ideally spend in your bed. 

There are many different construction techniques & features for making mattresses.

We offer:

  • Visco Memory Foam

  • Pure (Talalay) Latex

  • Hybrid – Visco Memory Foam & Coil Spring

  • Hybrid – Pure Latex & Coil Spring

  • Foam Encased Alternating Coil Spring

  • Foam Encased Pocketed Coil Spring

  • One Sided

  • Two Sided

  • Inner Spring

  • Coil-on-Coil

  • High Profile Foundations

  • Low Profile Foundations

  • Queen Split Foundations

  • Individual Pocketed Coil

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