**Lead Time Update At Bottom**

  • Do salespeople work on commission?
    • No, anyone can help you.
  • Do you deliver?
    • Yes, we deliver throughout New Hampshire, Massachussetts, and Maine. We also deliver to areas of Connecticut and Rhode Island. We can deliver to Vermont as well. 
  • Do you charge for delivery?
    • Yes. Delivery fees are very very modest, and are determined based on the geography relative to our store's location. Give us a call to find out the delivery charge for your town.
  • Do you charge Sales Tax?
    • There is no Sales Tax in NH. However, when we deliver your furniture across the border into a state that does have sales tax, then we are required by law to charge the sales tax for that state.
  • Do you offer removal services with delivery?
    • Yes. There is a $25 per item fee to dispose of old pieces. We will remove the old items you are replacing when we deliver to you. In other words, we can not deliver a recliner and remove a bedroom set.   
  • Do you ever have any Sales?
    • No, we utilize Everyday Low Pricing- our best price is put out on the pieces every day, giving every customer the same chance every day to pay the same price. There is no need to wait until a sale, you didn't just miss a sale, there's no pressure to have to buy today or else you miss out. This allows customers to not make rushed decisions, be misled by perceived discounts, as well as do their research to shop around for pricing on the same piece. 
  • What does it mean when an item is on clearance?
    • An individual item may be on clearance (sale) for a few reasons. One, the item has been discontinued from the factory. Two, the style is still active but a fabric or finish has been discontinued by the factory.  Three, it has not been selling recently and we are making room on the floor for new pieces.
  • Can we take furniture home today?
    • Yes, we sell inventory off the floor often, which means items are cycling through regularly, we also have a warehouse attached to our building where we try to stock extra numbers of popular pieces on the floor.  There are certain items we do not sell off the floor due to lead times, and sometimes an item has been bought from the floor but not removed from the floor yet, you can simply ask a salesperson to check inventory for you.
  • What is your return policy?
    • Return policy is also written on the back of saleslips, but general rule is 30 days in original condition with your receipt. This applies to gift or furniture items. Items may be subject to a 15% restocking fee. If an item was special ordered (meaning it was ordered differently from how we show it on our floor) then it is NOT returnable.
  • How come you don't have prices on your website?
    • Furniture is an industry that is not really suited for online shopping. Quality of a product, feel of a product, comfort, color, etc. can't be accurately conveyed online.  How durable it is, how heavy it is, the texture of the piece, the true size of a piece, are all things that can only be understood in person.  Also, many pieces have different finishes or features available which can affect the price. As a result, we are not an online store. Our website is meant to give you a good idea of the products we carry for your research purposes, before you make the decision to come to our store or not!  If you would like pricing, please call the store at 603-539-2236, and someone in sales can give you pricing.
  • If I see it on your website, does that mean you have it in stock?
    • No. Our website is a great showcase of what we carry, but does not reflect real time inventory levels. Simply call our store at 603-539-2236 and someone in sales can check stock for you.
  • How long does it take if I order furniture from you? 
    • It depends on the company. Mattresses from Therapedic arrive every week, and our other two mattress manufacturers take just 2-3 weeks. However, the general rule of thumb for the majority of companies across the industry is approx 6-10 weeks. Our Amish-made furniture takes a few weeks longer than that because they quite literally are Amish craftsmen making the furniture in real Amish workshops, and their quality takes time.  This means planning is important!  Waiting a few weeks longer than you hope is better to have the piece you really want years down the road, rather than potentially settling for something in stock just to get it a month or two earlier. 
    • UPDATE ON LEAD TIMES:  Since re-opening in May 2020 after 7 weeks of shut down during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the supply chain disruptions coupled with a surge in demand for home industry products has caused lead times to continually increase. Reliability of forecasted lead times from factories has also waivered from a few weeks difference to potentially a few months, and in extreme cases longer than that. Unfortunately there is no light at the end of the tunnel for these long production lead times to go back to normal. 
    • What Does This Mean? -- While it takes a long time for new orders, we still receive furniture every week, both for customers and for stock. There is on hand inventory available, it is just not as much as we are used to. Planning ahead has become more critical, and flexibility in expectations has become status quo. Customers can still place special orders, but as a new order it takes a significantly longer time to receive those than what we are used to. We also order furniture every week for stock. While new stock orders take as long to come in as special customer orders, the benefit is that if you like something as it is shown on the floor, there is a decent chance we have more on order already, meaning the wait for those items will be shorter.  Additionally, since the product is ordered to come in anyway, this enables our customers to put a deposit down to reserve that inventory coming in, but if something comes up and a customer needs or wants to cancel, the deposit is fully refundable. The result is that customers may reserve an item, but still go look around for product elsewhere, and not lose that deposit if a need or want to cancel arises. It has become the best option available during these uncertain and unprecedented times. Time passes quickly, and before you know it your furniture may arrive, but you are not stuck having to buy that item if during the wait you no longer need or want it (regarding orders that match floor model styles). 
    • We know this is unpleasant news for most everyone, we appreciate and thank our customers for their understanding during this time. We as well as the factories want you to have your furniture as soon as possible, we are all on the same team in this ordeal! If there a piece you are interested in, you can give us a call and one of our sales staff will be happy to check on the availability and approximate lead times for you! 


What is fabric/leather protection all about?

Guardsman offers a non-toxic, water-based treatment for Fabric and Leather pieces that we can apply here at the store prior to pick-up or delivery. The cost of the treatment depends on the piece, and will do a great job acting as a barrier between liquids and your furniture, giving you time to blot up spills before a stain sets. 


If a stain does set, from Food or Beverage, or a Pet or Human accident (Urine, Blood, Vomit), Guardsman includes a 5-Year Warranty with their product.  They will recommend something to get your stain out, and if that doesn't work they will have a professional technician come to your home and clean the stain for you. If they are unable to get it out, then the piece is replaced. 


Additionally, we at Green Mountain Furniture will expand the standard 1-year labor warranty coverage for an additional 2-years, as a way of showing gratitude to those who are taking proactive steps to care for their furniture. Ask one of our salespeople for more information! 

Guardsman Website

What is the 100 night sleep guarantee?

A one-time comfort exchange of your mattress within the first 100 nights of delivery.

When not purchasing a high end luxury mattress whose comfort and feel is undeniable, it can take a few nights of sleeping on a new mattress to really find out if it's a good fit for you. The trouble is mattresses are like underwear, once you've tried them out at home, they are not really returnable. There is a solution. Therapedic, who manufacturers our private line of mattresses as well as their own national lines of mattresses, can take a return on a mattress provided there is a sanitary layer between you and the mattress. So, with the purchase of a Mattress Protector when you buy a Therapedic brand mattress, you get 100 nights to sleep on the mattress, and if not satisfied for any reason, you will receive your money as a store credit, eligible for a one-time exchange of the mattress, or you may spend your store credit on something else if desired.