Braided Rugs

+ Braided Rugs from Colonial Mills, and Indore Home (Homespice Decor)

+ Indore Home offers Braided Rugs in Jute, or Cotton braid

+ Colonial Mills uses various fibers to make a different feeling braid

+ Most braids are Oval/Round, Rectangle/Square are available as well

+ Multiple sizes are available for each collection/pattern

+ Colonial Mills offers custom sizing for ordering

+ Lots of Inventory on hand for immediate pickup

** Rug Grips are very important - they prevent slipping, as well as friction of dirt between rug and floor, minimizing rug fiber tearing and floor scratching **


Companies Carried:

Please Note: While our photos are direct from our showroom, the gallery is not a guarantee of inventory.  Our website is meant to give you a thorough idea of what we carry in our store, but we feel furniture and accessories are meant to seen and felt in person before buying.  If there is an item you are interested in, feel free to call and speak to one of our staff for pricing and current inventory levels. If out of stock, virtually all items may be ordered specifically for you. Lead times vary by factory. 

braided rugs