US Import

Bedroom Collections

+ All Collection Pieces are Sold Separately
+ Pieces made from Solid wood, or Hardwoods with Wood Veneers

+ Collections may come in a couple of different finishes

+ There may be different styles of beds or nightstands in each collection

+ Most collections come in Queen or King only (some have Full or Twin options)

+ Many collections offer to sell the headboard by itself

+ Inventory on hand for immediate pickup


Please Note: While our photos are direct from our showroom, the gallery is not a guarantee of inventory.  Our website is meant to give you a thorough idea of what we carry in our store, but we feel furniture and accessories are meant to seen and felt in person before buying.  If there is an item you are interested in, feel free to call and speak to one of our staff for pricing and current inventory levels. If out of stock, virtually all items may be ordered specifically for you. Lead times vary by factory. 

us import bedroom collections